Spanish Traditions - Cristina


The best known worldwide among the Spanish traditions are certainly the Flamenco and the Bulls the Bull fights will be found through out the country, bringing trinationally the most popular and well-known shows the runners that are held during the San Fermines in Pamplona. But the bull fights are a plot that will appear in Spain in any party.

Flamenco, on the other hand, is the folk tradition of the south, in particular of Andalusia. And it is in this land where you will earn the roots of flamenco singing, guitar and dancing. In April the Fair of April is celebrated in Seville, a week full of singing and dancing, where you can drink wine from Jerez and other delicious wines from the area, accompanied by ham and cheese and other delicacies from the area who likes these things should not miss it; if you find accommodation on these dates now, and ready  to make the trip, why not arrive some two weeks before the fair and enjoy the other exceptional celebration that the city offers, Holy Week, with its famous brotherhoods.