Gazpacho - Miriam


Has traditionally been considered a dish from the interior of   Andalucia , where the olive oil and the products of the  orchard   they are plentiful. For this reason it is commonly known as Andalusian gazpacho. In spite of this, the origin of the gazpacho as a "crumbled" dish predates the use of vegetables in its preparation and dates back to the time of al-Ándalus.


The elaboration of white gazpachos is frequent, in the city of Córdoba you can find the original gazpacho consisting of bread, vinegar, oil. To which finely chopped hard boiled eggs are sometimes added. The white gazpacho cordobés also contains the ingredients of the original recipe and almonds are added


In the   province of Malaga   there are varieties of   white gazpachos   As the   white garlic   (similar to   white gazpacho Cordovan ) is made with almonds and garlic decorated to be served with   muscat grapes   (and sometimes grapes   raisins   macerated in   came from Málaga ).

Resultado de imagen de gazpacho